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How I met my best friend

I’m pretty sure life would be quite boring without friends. They’re like a family you share the things you don’t share with your family with. You tell them your biggest secrets and you’re the keeper of their deepest secrets. They are the ones who push you forward and make you see the best in you. At least that’s what my friends are for me.

I have a bunch of friends and I have a little bit smaller bunch of really good friends. I also have a few best friends, but on top of them, I have the best of the best.

This is how I met my best friends:


I met my childhood best friend, Taija, when I was nine years old. We were next door neighbors in a brand new neighborhood. We were almost the same age (she’s one year younger than me), so we had the same interests and we enjoyed each other’s company.

We’ve been friends for almost 21 years and I’m lucky enough to have a friend like her in my life. She’s known me for so long and I’m happy to have her as my maid of honor when I get married in three weeks.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have been best friends since they were teenagers

I met my teenage best friend, Anna, on a summer camp when we were 14 years old. We were on a confirmation camp and we had mutual friends there. The first time I met her, I just hated her. She never stopped talking! She was constantly gabbling about something and I remember wishing she would just shut up! We realized we lived close to each other and she was all excited that we could meet after the camp too. I wasn’t.

Well, after the camp was over, I tried to avoid meeting her, but I was just way too nice and couldn’t say no, so we met a couple of times. Once I got to know her, It turned out that she is a wonderful person with the greatest personality and I don’t want to live my life without her.

We are still best friends even though we live in different cities. Luckily it’s only a two-hour drive away or we can catch up over at skype.

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively

My “grown-up” best friend, Satu, I met in England ten years ago. We have an anniversary coming at the beginning of September. We were both living near Reading, in UK. We were there as au pairs and we were introduced by our host-mothers.

She’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I was very young and naïve when I left home to go to England. She was a little more wiser and tougher than me, and I’m sure that without her I wouldn’t have survived. She “raised” me during that year we spent taking care of children and the household, and having fun with our other au pair friends.

When we got back home to Finland we continued to have fun together and we became closer. She’s still my best friend and she probably knows me better than anyone ever. I love her to bits. She’s my honorary maid of honor and I’m sorry she can’t be there on my wedding day, because our wedding is going to be so small. After all she is the most important person to me ever, and I hope she knows it.

Michelle Williams and Busy Philips

Who is your best friend? How and when did you meet? Tell me in the comments!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


16 thoughts on “How I met my best friend

  1. What a great post! It’s funny, not because I’ve just started writing my first blog, but because I’ve just written about how I met my Boyfriend over two posts. My best friend Vicky on the other hand, met at college, studying performing arts way back in 2002, and I can’t believe it’s nearly ten years ago!

  2. It’s helpfull but only some hints we can caught like the pattern and some points and arrangement of lines therefore we have to write our own story however we can write this exactly on us?

  3. I met my best friend on the soldeirship period in Tabriz.my bf name is Ramin.I chew the gums very much.one day i ordered some kinds of gums to my close friends.And anybody of them didnt pay attention to my wish.so i ask a person that i dont know him not at all.RAMIN.
    I had a little hope that Ramin bring me my gums.but he brings mine and surprized me verrrrrrrrrrrrrry much.
    But In about our differences:
    He is more beautiful than me.more euphonic than me.percher than me.shorter and smaller than me.and more stupid than me😝😝😝
    He isnt only a good friend.heis a verrrrrrrrrry good human and this is the important point…
    Oh I was forgetting.I love him like my family member and going to do every thing for him…
    Thanks for your time…

    1. Ooooooops.I traveled in time machine while I be in trouble on this days.I was working in 03 street post office that in New York CT that I aware of that i have to go to soldeiring.AAAAAAAAAh maaaaaa…

  4. It was nice reading through other people’s stuff. Now I’ve learnt how to treat your friends you have to treat them as if they are your 👪 😁😁

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