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I love you Exclamation Mark!

This is an open love letter to my favorite punctuation mark, the exclamation mark.


I can’t remember the exact time or date when we first met, but during the years we’ve known each other I’ve fallen in love with you! You were born many years before me and you’ve been spreading wonderment ever since the 15th century. 

I don’t mind the age difference. As long as you are mine and I can call you by a nickname, such as my dear “sign of admiration or exclamation” or my very own “note of admiration”, I’m happy! Those were the first names you were given and they still work!

I love the way you give commands and the way you declare! I love the way you shout at me and I love the way you protest. I love the way you produce happiness and the way you suprise me all the time! Please never change, just stay as you are!

I hate to read the news, and formal letters bore me, but that’s because you’re never there! They say you’re not formal enough and that’s why you’re not invited. But thank heavens! you can be seen in mid-sentence when the sentence so requires. I miss you when you’re not around!

I like to show you off everywhere, even when I shouldn’t. But what can I do when I love you so much and I think you’re the coolest! Sometimes when I don’t see you for a while I might wonder where you are?! After all, I know you’re always there, somewhere around the corner, waiting to surprise me!

I love you Exclamation Mark, don’t ever change the way you are!!!

With tons of love and hugs! 



Is there a punctuation mark you like to put everywhere, even if it doesn’t belong? What is your favorite punctuation mark? I love to read your comments!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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