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Dominating the world with Kindness

How to take over the World without weapons and violence? I was sent on a quest by Tanya to take total control over the World without BOOM nor SPLAT, no guns, no nuclear weapons – just me.

How to take over the world
and dominate the people?
Be the meanest of them all
killing others with a scalpel?

Hold on! And wait for a moment.
This villain is completely swordless!
She’s smiling ever so nicely
What’s she up to with all that kindness?

She tries her best to avoid an argument.
She values your opinions.
She’s always very friendly
and she hasn’t got any minions.

She’s sympathetic and understanding.
She’s also very noble.
She keeps us happy and healthy,
her fame will soon be global.

She’s fun and witty and thriving,
I can’t name anyone cooler.
We call her Lady Kerington.
she is our magnificent ruler!

Yey! I wrote a poem! 🙂

I would rule the people with my awesomeness and intelligence. I would kill them with my kindness. I’d be the supervillain everyone would love.

How would you conquer the world without weapons and explosions and all that? You don’t have to write a poem about it, just leave a comment! 🙂

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri (Lady Kerington)


3 thoughts on “Dominating the world with Kindness

    Oh, I love you.

    Kindness? That’s so sneaky, it’s brilliant. The people of the world won’t know what hit them. “Don’t you love Lady Kerington?” “Oh, yes, she’s the best!” “Let’s make her happy and do everything she says because she’s so nice!” “All hail Lady Kerington!! …hey, wait a second..”

    Brilliant. 😀

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. 😀 Pinky and the Brain are so cool!

      I think I might love (and hate) you too. I’m trying to answer the questions you tagged me to. Some of them are not that easy, you know… 🙂
      I’m gonna post them on Monday!

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