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Top 7 – Entertaining YouTubers

I’m hooked on YouTube and I can’t seem to get enough. YouTube is great entertainment when I have nothing better to do. Time usually flies by while I click on and on to the next video on the suggestion-list. Here is a list of the YouTubers I find most entertaining.

#7: Meghan Tonjes 

Meghan Tonjes has a voice like an angel. She’s a singer, songwriter and vlogger. On her channel she does “request Tuesdays” where she makes her own versions of popular requested songs. She also makes her own original music.


#6: Fine Brothers Productions – 

The Fine brothers, Benny and Rafi, are entertaining, inventive and original. They’ve created the successful “React-to”-show, a YouTube-show featuring reactions on YouTube-videos and phenomenons from kids, teens and elders. Their newest concept, a YouTube-sitcom MyMusic-show, has everything in it – comedy, music, interaction and social media.


#5: Live Prude Girls – 

Milana Vayntrub and Stephanie Nelson are the Live Prude Girls. They are comediennes, actresses and extremely hot. They create the funniest skits and stories on their YouTube-channel. Their show “Lets talk about something more interesting” is the most hysterical and awkward show ever, and is definitely worth to watch.


#4: CTFxC – 

Charles Trippy is the bass player for We the Kings and his wife, Alli, is basically just great. They’ve been making a video diary called “Internet Killed Television” on YouTube, posting a new video every single day, for over three years. They vlog their joys and sorrows and to me, they are funny, awesome and lovable.


#3: Daily Grace

Grace Helbig is an actress and a comedienne from New Jersey. She now lives in New York and makes daily (weekdays only) videos from her apartment. She has a theme, and a theme-song, for Tuesdays through Fridays. On Mondays she talks about whatever she feels like at the time. She’s seriously one of the funniest and most hilarious women on YouTube (and MyDamnChannel).


#2: Hannah Hart – 

Her YouTube-show “My Drunk Kitchen” is hilarious to watch. She started the show sort of accidentally, but as it went viral, it turned out to be something so much more than an accident. She really does get drunk in every episode of her cooking show, but don’t worry, she’s amazing and funny even when she’s sober as well. She’s an entertainer, the Queen of Puns and she can also sing. On a side note: If she wanted to turn me into a lady-homo, I’d totally let her!


#1: Shaycarl

Shaycarl is a family man who loves to entertain people. He is also one of the three co-founders of Maker Studios, a company which specializes in making Youtube videos. Shay is married to the beautiful Katilette and they have four “pretty darn precious” children. The content on Shay’s channel is always high quality and entertaining. He often has members of his family and cool friends appearing on his videos. He also posts daily vlogs with his wife and family to their Shaytards-channel. Shay and his family are genuine, fun and inspiring.


Are you on YouTube? Who do you subscribe to? Leave a comment and share your favorites.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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