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Wednesday Review: Three books by Tuomas Kyrö

Tuomas Kyrö is a Finnish author and comic book illustrator. He’s been nominated and awarded more than once and he is a highly respected author in Finland. His books have not been translated to any other languages.

The three books I read are called Mielensäpahoittaja (the one who upsets himself), Mielensäpahoittaja ja Ruskeakastike (the one who upsets himself and brown sauce) and Miniä (Daughter-in-law).

The first two books tell a story of this stubborn, elderly man, who is constantly upset about something. Hi’s mostly upset about new technology, high prices and change in everything. His wife is not well so he lives alone surrounded by thick woods in the middle of nowhere in northern Finland and that’s the way he likes it. He can’t understand city-life, why you have to build new high-ways or why someone would serve turkey instead of pork at Christmas.

The second book concentrates more on how he survives alone after he crossed swords with his housemaid. The missus always cooked, cleaned and took care of him so he hasn’t got a clue how to look after himself. He always did all the heavy lifting and brought money and food to the family. Now he has to learn from the beginning and as he is stubborn, he’s going to do it all by himself. Trust me, he upsets himself along the way.

These two books are written from his point of view, as if he wrote them. The books consist of short stories that aren’t really connected to each other, but are continuous. The books are funny, witty and extremely realistic as it sometimes seems like Finland is full if this type of elderly men.

If you get a chance to get these books as audio-books, I recommend it highly. The audio-books are read by Antti Litja, who is a known Finnish actor and he is the perfect man to voice these books.

The third book, Miniä (Daughter-in-law), is written from the old-man’s daughter-in-law’s point of view. The daughter-in-law has to find a way to toggle between he work, family and the surprise visit from the father-in-law. She doesn’t really get along with him, mainly because they have such different values in life. She’s a working mom and he thinks mothers shouldn’t be working at all, she’s a vegetarian and he doesn’t understand that kind of behavior…

Miniä is a fast-paced book with sharp plot-twists. As I was reading it I thought it would make a great comedy-movie.

Tuomas Kyrö

Miniä was never actually on sale in Finland. One could get is a present for buying something else on “Kirjan & Ruusun päivä” (the Book & Rose-day). I was lucky enough to get to borrow this book from a friend. If you have the chance to get a hold of this book, do read it. It’s definitely worth it.

In fact: They’re all worth it! I give four stars (★★★★) to all of them.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, none of Tuomas Kyrö’s books has been translated to any other language. So if you don’t understand Finnish, I can only hope someone translates these books soon. They are fabulous!

Have you read anything interesting lately? Please, leave your book suggestions in the comments. I’m constantly looking for something good to read.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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