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The weather had been strange all day. The sky was cloudy and the wind was blowing, but the air was still warm and humid. My hair was frizzy as it always is when the humidity kicks in. I tried my best to tame it as I was stepping into the bus that was going to take me home.

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The bus was old. The interior was grey and it smelled moldy. The seats were soft and cozy and I started to feel drowsy. My head was nodding, my eyes felt heavy.

The road took a turn to the right. The bus rattled.

More people stepped into the bus. To my surprise the bus wasn’t even half full. Usually cheerful chatter and babble filled the bus. Today the bus-ride was quieter.

I was almost home when I realized I had a headache. I probably hadn’t been drinking enough water during the day. Now I craved for water.

The bus huffed as it let out excess steam. 

The bus was now slowly crawling forward. I live at the end of the bus-route and we were almost there. I was getting ready to step out. Last huff and a small rattle and the back-doors opened. I waved my thanks to the driver and inhaled the fresh, moist air.


This little story is based on actual events. I wrote it to take part in a writing challenge by  The Daily Post at WordPress.com.

The challenge was to write something mundane, something you normally wouldn’t post on your blog at all, and turn it into something meaningful.

I decided to write about my bus-ride home from work. I take the bus everyday and it’s really quite boring and definitely something I wouldn’t write a blog-post about.

I enjoyed writing this story, though it was rather frustrating at times. Was I able to catch your interest with this ordinary event? Did you do something “boring” today? Tell me!

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


2 thoughts on “Bus-ride

  1. You kept interested in reading your story of a bus ride, I would like for it to have open in to a big story. well written bus ride.

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