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Book Spine Poem

I joined this cool “Writer’s bloc”-group today to find new marvellous friends and inspiration to write.

They encourage members to write by prompts and tasks and I find it really fun. They also have their own book-club and they are not afraid to promote other blogs.

Their first prompt was to create a book spine poem. In order to create one, you should take a look at your bookshelf and pick a few books and make a poem out of the book-titles.

Here’s mine!

Book Spine Poem
Book Spine Poem

It goes like this:

From dead to worse
Fear the worst
Virgin suicides of mice and men
Feed an ice cold grave

I’m really proud of myself. I encourage you to make your own book-spine-poem! It’s fun and it wasn’t too difficult. So make your own and post a link in the comments so everyone else can see it as well. Or join Writer’s Bloc and post it there.

With warm hugs and gentle thuds – Keri


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