Top-7 on Fridays

Top 7 – Olympic Games

I love making lists, so I thought I’d start doing a top-7 list every Friday. “Why top-7?”, you might ask. “Why not top-5 or top-10?” I like to be different and seven is a perfect number. There’s seven days in a week and seven is even considered to be a lucky number to some.

The Olympics in London are on and I’m feeling it. That’s why this weeks top-7’s are my favorite summer Olympic sports.

#7 Archery – This sport requires precision and a lot of nerves. I find it exciting when an athlete hits the bulls-eye or when the competitor misses. Archery is also very “in” at the moment due to the film industry. Everybody wants to be like Hawkeye of the Avengers, Katniss Evergreen of the Hunger Games or Merida from Brave.

#6 Artistic Gymnastics I’m very into sports I know I wouldn’t be good at. I always hated when we had to do gymnastics at school and I was never good at it. I love watching these amazing men and women do their thing and be spectacular.

#5 Diving To me it’s extremely entertaining to watch the divers do the twists and somersaults and still have enough time to take the diving-position before hitting the water. I especially like the synchronized diving the best. Preferably mens…

#4 Swimming Ok, the fact is that I can swim, but I’m not very fast. I basically like to watch swimming because of almost naked humans. Male swimmers have impressive bodies.

#3 Synchronized Swimming It seems like i’m quite into water-sports. Synchronized swimming is something that totally baffles and mesmerizes me. When there’s a groups of female swimmers in a pool all doing amazing formations all in sync, I get totally speechless.

#2 Rhythmic Gymnastics – It’s a combination of gymnastics and dance and I like both of them. Rhythmic Gymnastics is the sport I wait   for the most during every summer Olympics.

#1 Athletics I thought I’d pick my favorite out of them all, but I couldn’t so Athletics in general is my favorite sport of the summer Olympics. There’s so many events to see and enjoy, which makes it the best sports (almost) ever. The running event and especially the fast paced sprints are my favorites, but I enjoy watching Long Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault quite a lot.

These are my summer Olympic favorites. What are yours? Please, share them and leave a comment below. I really enjoy reading them.

With love – Keri


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