123 Things in 1230 Days

I made this list because I wanted to have a bunch of things to do during my approximately 3.5 years of radiology school. The base idea is from dayzeroproject.com where you can make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. Because 3.5 years equals to approximately 1230 days, I decided to do 123 things on 1230 days instead. Read the blog to see how I do or follow me on Day Zero Project!

Done: 3/123
In Progress: 9/123

1. Write a letter to myself to open when the 1230 days are over
Just because it’s fun to know what the future me might think of the past me.

2. Make a bucket list
I’ve never made one. I think it’s about time I list the things I still want to experience.

3. Blog at least once a week for a year
Consistency is the key in successful blogging, isn’t it?

4. Participate in NaBloPoMo
I think it could be fun to take part in one.

5. Identify 123 things that make me happy
Because why not!?

6. Graduate
Why study if I don’t graduate. I just hope I’ll graduate in time.

7. Get the highest grade on most of your classes
Because I want to be really good if not the very best of my class.

8. Learn how to insert an IV (perfectly)
I’ve heard that radiologists might have to be able to do this and even if it really freaks me out to be sticking needles into people, I want to be the best at it.

9. Be able to name all the bones in my body
I’m pretty sure we’ll have to learn all the bones anyway.

10. Make a new friend
School is for making new friends, right?

11. Attend at at least 5 different student parties
I’m not sure if I’m going to be a big party goer, but I would like to get at least some fun out of the student life.

12. Go to school by bike for a month
Because it would be good for my health.

13. Write a journal of your school experience
I want to go back to when I learned things or met people or experienced something new and exciting.

14. Write a list of things I like about myself
I like myself a lot so I hope this list won’t be too long. 🙂

15. Laugh until it hurts
I think I almost did this when writing down the previous task.

16. Throw a birthday party for myself
I haven’t thrown myself a birthday party in a long time. It could be fun.

17. ‘Unplug’ for one whole weekend – no cell phone, no Internet, no TV, no computer
I use electronic devices all the time. I’m gonna take a time out and just read a book or watch the clouds in the sky.

18. Create a commitment contract to lose weight
I really need to lose weight. A lot. If I write down a contract I can’t bail out of. Right?

19. Reach my goal weight
This would be so awesome!

20. Start your day with a glass of water every day
I don’t drink enough water.

21. Make drinking enough water a habit
Like I said. I really don’t drink even close to enough water.

22. Take a picture of everything you eat in a week
This could be an eye-opener. You don’t usually even think what you put in your mouth let alone see it.

23. Run 5k
I’m gonna start running in order to lose weight.

24. Run a half marathon
This will be my final running goal

25. Exercise three times a week for 6 months
Hopefully I’ll be able to create a functioning exercise routine in 6 months.

26. Go a month without sweets and ice cream
This includes crisps, chips and all the fatty salty stuff too.

27. Stop drinking soda/pop/fizzy drinks
I believe it would be a good idea to stop drinking these altogether.

28. Do pop pilates every day for a month
I love Cassey Ho and her pop pilates routines. They’re so much fun.

29. Do the 30 day plank challenge
This would be awesome for my core.

30. Do the 30 day squat challenge
This would be awesome for my butt.

31. Eat mostly only vegetables that are in season for a year
I think people should eat more of what’s in season. You get more variety in your diet that way.

33. Make a weekly meal plan for at least 12 weeks in a row
Because this really helps me control what I eat and how much I eat it. It saves money too.

34. Stop using the elevator
Take the stairs instead to get fit.

35. Become flexible enough to touch my toes
I can’t remember a day when I cold touch my toes.

36. Reach my activity goal on my Polar Loop every day for a month
I have a Polar Loop and I wish my activity goal would fill up more often.

37. Complete the beginners calendar for pop pilates
Did I already mention I love pop pilates. I just don’t do it often enough.

38. Complete a ‘Walk To Mordor’ challenge
I found this nerdy thing online one day and decided it would be a fun way to get me go outside for a walk more often.

39. Do the Extreme run
After running for a while I might want to go a little extreme.

40. Measure yourself weekly
This includes weighing myself and measuring with measuring tape.

41. Stop procrastinating for a month
I procrastinate way too much way too often.

42. Get caught up on Game of Thrones
I’ve only seen three seasons so far.

43. Watch Breaking Bad
I’ve only seen around two seasons so far.

44. Read all of the Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie
I’m in a mystery frenzy and I’m sure I’d love these.

45. Read all of the Miss Marple mysteries by Agatha Christie
I liked the first one and I’m sure I’ll like the rest. They’re easy and fast to read.

46. Complete the 50/50 challenge
Read 50 books and watch 50 movies in a year.

47. Read 10 books released in 2016 or after
I want to get into some new releases as well.

48. Read 100 books
After reading 50 in a year (fingers crossed) 100 in over three years is a piece of cake.

49. Do the ultimate reading challenge
It’s a Popsugar reading challenge for 2015, but I’m not gonna stress about when I’ll be done with it. See this link for the type of books to read

50. Watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars in 2016
Because I love the Oscars and I always want to see at least the ones nominated for Best Picture each year.

51. Watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars in 2017
Because I love the Oscars and I always want to see at least the ones nominated for Best Picture each year.

52. Watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars in 2018
Because I love the Oscars and I always want to see at least the ones nominated for Best Picture each year.

53. Watch all the movies that won Best Picture the last 10 years
Did you notice that I love the Oscars. I might want to see a few of the older ones too.

54. Have a Star Wars movie marathon on May the fourth
I love Star Wars!

55. Watch 100 movies in a year
Shouldn’t be too hard.

56. Choose an actor and watch every film he / she has been in
I’m thinking Ryan Reynolds… Or Jennifer Lawrence… Any suggestions?

57. Play with one Sims family for ten generations
There are times when I can’t stop playing the Sims. I love the game! I’ve never played with the same family for too many generations even though I’ve been wanting to.

58. Buy a lego set and build it
Just because I can!

59. Buy flowers for myself for no reason
The task says it all.

60. Sew a piece of clothing for myself
I’ve had a sewing machine for ages and I actually wanted it because I thought I’s make clothes for myself. I think my sister has used it more often than I have, so it’s about time I do something with it.

61. Knit or crochet a piece of clothing for myself
Just to see if I can create something actually wearable.

62. Complete a coloring book
I’ve seen these beautiful coloring books for adults and I really want to get one.

63. Learn to identify 20 birds and their calls
We’ve been bird watching with the husband for a year or two, but we haven’t been too active with the hobby. I want to learn more.

64. Learn to identify 50 different trees, plants and flowers
I hate to admit, but I can’t identify most trees, plants or flowers that grow around here. The common ones I can, but that’s like maybe 10 different things.

65. Go for a hike in the woods
And maybe identify a few trees and birds while I’m at it.

66. Go pick up some wild berries, such as blueberries or lingonberries etc
I hate picking up berries but they’re so expensive but so healthy.

67. Get season tickets for ice hockey
I support our local team and I’d like to see every game of the season.

68. Make a card for every holiday
I enjoy doing crafts and I think I make pretty cool cards.

69. Expand my vocabulary in French
I can’t remember most of the ones I should already know.

70. Learn to identify all countries and their capitals
I tried to do this when I was a kid. I think I even memorized a lot of them, but time has made me forget.

71. Try a new recipe every month for 12 months
New foods are always fun.

72. Be vegetarian for a week
I know my husband won’t be into this with me, but I’m going to do it anyway, just to see how much I would miss eating meat.

73. Cook through an entire cookbook
This might be too ambitious, but I’m gonna give it a go.

74. Take a cooking class
I would like to take a class on Asian cooking. Maybe some Chinese or That food.

75. Try paddle boarding
I hear it’s great fun.

76. Master 12 different hair-dos
I have awesome hair and I never do anything with it. I’m gonna change that!

77. Wear my hair differently everyday for a week
My friends won’t know what the heck is going on. They’ll be surprised to see something other than the traditional messy bun every day.

78. Buy a new pair of glasses
I need to see better.

79. Buy a full body mirror
I haven’t had one for at least 9 years. I really want one!

80. Buy a summerdress
I really want one (or more) of these as well. Maybe a maxi dress…?

81. Wear a skirt or dress every day for a week
I usually don’t wear skirts or dresses at all. Lately I’ve been wanting to though.

82. Get a tattoo
I’ve been planning to get one ever since I was 16 years old. Now I finally know what I want to get, so I’m getting one!

83. Get a piercing
I have so many ear-rings that has lost the other pair. I’m thinking of having a piercing on one of earlobes next to the existing one.

84. Say “yes” to something I would not normally do
I have no idea what this would be. Bungee jumping maybe…

85. Go see a play in a theater
It’s been too long since I last went.

86. Go to ballet
I’ve never been but I’m sure I would love it.

87. Write a love letter to my husband
I think he deserves one.

88. Send cards to my family and friends just for fun
Sending cards is fun.

89. Don’t say anything negative for one day
People are really negative these days and it’s effective. Let’s turn this around even just for one day.

90. Donate blood as many as possible times in a year
It’s something good I can do every once and a while.

91. Make flossing your teeth a habit
This would be an awesome habit and my dentist would be so happy.

92. Go to the dentist
It’s been waaaaayyyyyy too long.

93. Create a cleaning schedule
I’m a lazy cleaner. With a schedule it might not be so overwhelming.

94. Keep the house clean (so that a random visit is fine) for 3 months
And maybe after three months I realize how easy it is too keep it clean all the time and I’ll be more happy with myself.

95. Go through my sock and underwear drawer and get rid of the items I no longer use
I have so many pairless socks and worn down underwear that I need too see how many new ones I actually need.

96. Declutter my house
The closets are getting too full again. It’s time to do something about it

97. Clean out my inbox
My e-mail inbox is full of trash all the time. I should definitely stop subscribing to some of them.

98. Pay off my credit card
I’m almost there and then I’m debt free.

99. Save money
When I’m debt free this should be easy peasy, lemon squeeze.

100. Keep a spending diary for a year
To see how much I spend and for what.

101. Sell or donate books I no longer need or want
I have too many books and the truth is I don’t need all of them.

102. Get rid of 100 things
I probably have just too many things as well. Might get rid of the extra ones to make room for the closets.

103. Travel to another continent
I’ve never been anywhere else but Europe.

104. See the Northern Lights
I hear they’re pretty.

105. Travel to another country
Just for fun.

106. Learn how to use all the functions on my camera
I have a really fancy camera and I don’t know how to use it properly.

107. Create a photo wall
If I’ll actually learn to take pretty pictures, why wouldn’t I display them.

108. Make a Year in Pictures album
I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while just to have all the memories in one place.

109. Take a picture for every goal I achieve
I might have to get creative with some of them.

110. Take a picture of yourself every week
This should be easy. #selfie

111. Create a “chill out” playlist
Music for chilling out alone or with friends.

112. Create a party playlist
I would have a playlist ready for my birthday party.

113. Create a playlist for a perfect run
Because running is easier with a good playlist.

114. Make a playlist of songs I used to love as a teenager
I had a trip down the memory lane a couple of weeks ago and I really want to make one.

115. Update my playlist of 50 songs I could listen to forever
I made one over two years ago. I think it’s time for an update.

116. Listen to 50 albums by artists I’ve never listened to before
Because it’s always fun to find new music to love.

117. Ask my god-daughter to become my pen-pal
My god-daughter started first grade on August 18. It would be fun to share our school experiences together. I hope she doesn’t party too hard… 😉

118. Invite family over for Christmas dinner
Because Christmas is for families to be together. Me and my husband usually visit them, but why not invite them over for a while.

119. Write down 5 positive things that happened during the day before going to bed for one month
Because positive isn’t negative!

120. Make a list of the 100 best experiences of my life
This might take a while…

121. Create a to-done list of all the things you’ve accomplished during the 1230 days
Not just of the ones on this list, but the ones I actually accomplish in life in general.

122. Get season tickets to ice hockey
I realize that I have this as number 67, so I might have to think of something else to do here. Suggestions?

123. Influence a person to make a Day Zero list
Making this list was fun and I bet doing the things will be even better.