Top Ten Tuesday – Awful books

Is it another Tuesday already? Time to list some more books for Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s list is of Ten Bookish Things I Want to Quit Or Have Quit. The whole thing is again hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I decided to make a list of books I just could not finish or I wish I had finished.


Just make sure we’re on the same page here, it’s totally fine if you like any of these books. I gave them a chance and did not like them but it’s awesome that someone can appreciate these books. Continue reading

Me? A poet?

I’ve registered myself for a blogging university course ‘writing 201: Poetry‘. I’m not really a poet. I write a poem or two every now and then for birthday wedding or other greeting cards, but they’re never too serious. I write them to make my friends and family laugh and giggle and definitely not take me seriously. I also usually always write my poems in Finnish. Continue reading

I feel loved!

I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for a Liebster Award! I love all awards but the Liebster Award is especially nice because it’s given out by other bloggers to other bloggers who don’t have a vast following yet.

I’ve been truly blessed for I’ve received this award twice this past week and in this post I accept them both and give the award forward to 11 blogs I find interesting and entertaining. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday – Yes, I know it’s Wednesday…

I’m going to try this new thing called Top Ten Tuesday for Tuesdays. It’s not actually new, in fact it’s been going on for almost 200 weeks. And today’s not even Tuesday, but I’ll bend the rules just this once.

I love to read books and I also love to read blogs about books which is how I originally came across this blogging party, or a meme if you prefer to call it that, for book lovers. The basic idea is to list ten of your favorite books or book related things that match the given theme each week. I’ve seen a few bloggers who I follow do it regularly and today I’m gonna join the party! Continue reading

I love angiography

I experienced something sort of amazing last week. Our whole class of radiography students were put to work in different hospitals in the area. Our studies started a month ago so we obviously weren’t allowed to actually do anything important with the patients. We were there mainly to observe and learn.

I learned a lot indeed. I asked about a trillion questions and received equal amount of answers and learned important things of my future job. The most important thing I learned however was something to do with me. I learned I’m no longer as squeamish as I thought I would be. Continue reading

Spread the love!

Being part of a blogging community is a lot fun! I’m sure most of you agree with that… :) What makes it specially fun for me is the social aspect of it – visiting other blogs, leaving comments, getting comments etc.

In the past I’ve been very lazy to leave comments on other blogs and sadly I wasn’t really active on replying to comments left in my posts. And that’s pretty bad!

After taking my year long break and getting back to blogging I made a conscious decision to get more active in the commenting department as well. And boy have I been active! I’ve spread so much love for my fellow bloggers my husband is getting jealous. :D To make it even better I decided to share the awesome blogs I’ve left comments on with you. Continue reading